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West uses Boeing tragedy to reach selfish goals — Huffington Post

US government and media were trying to make use of the obvious tragedy with innocent victims to achieve political goals, Blake Fleetwood says in his article
Flowers at the Schiphol Airport EPA/KOEN VAN WEEL
Flowers at the Schiphol Airport

“The current continued violence against civilians in the Ukraine is completely attributed to the Kiev government,” Fleetwood said. “Western Ukrainians are the ones invading the east, sending troops, fighters jets, unguided Grad rockets and bombers over Eastern Ukraine's populated areas and cities, killing innocent civilians, according to Human Rights Watch.”

Fleetwood blames the Malaysian jet crash on the West and media: “Ukraine is being supported and encouraged by the U.S. policy and the Western media, which have led to the violent war conditions that led to the unfortunate shoot-down of a commercial jetliner with 298 lives lost.”

“Ironically, Putin and the separatists have been calling for an immediate cease fire, talks and negotiations,” goes the article. “The Ukrainian central government has been resisting. It wants to crush the rebels and has killed some 1,200 civilians. Little of this has been much reported in the Western media, which has been fanning the flames for NATO intervention and possible war.”