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Ukraine artillery guns pounding southeast Ukraine’s Luhansk

A transport station came under mortar fire near military facilities of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic

Refugee crisis

The number of Ukrainian refugees already exceeded 26 thousand people in Russian border Rostov-on-Don region. According to reports of the Russian Health Ministry, more than 18 thousand refugees from Ukraine have already turned for medical aid. Over the inflow of Ukrainians from the conflict zone in six Russian regions an emergency was declared in Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Astrakhan regions, Stavropol territory, republics of Kalmykia and Crimea and the Russian federal city of Sevastopol.

According to Federal Migration Service’s reports, 2.5 million Ukrainian citizens have come to Russia since January 1, two million came back to the homeland.

According to Ukrainian State Border Service’s reports, 1.54 million Ukrainians came to Russia from March to June and 1.38 million returned to the homeland.