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Moscow Kremlin Museums to showcase Nicholas II valuables at exhibition in London

The exhibition will feature the 1916 ‘Military’ Easter egg by Carl Faberge’s firm and Emperor’s notebook with sketches of jewelry
Steel Military egg by Carl Faberge
Steel Military egg by Carl Faberge

MOSCOW, July 17. /TASS/. The Moscow Kremlin Museums will take part in the exhibition "Last Tsar: Blood and Revolution" that will open at London’s Science Museum in September, the museum press service said on Tuesday.

"The Moscow Kremlin Museums will feature the 1916 ‘Military’ Easter egg by Carl Faberge’s firm. The ‘Military’ egg created in 1916 for Empress Alexandra Fedorovna stands out among all precious Easter gifts. It is pronouncedly simple, without precious stones and was made of steel - material uncommon for imperial gifts," the press service said.

"The surprise of the ‘military egg’ is a water-color miniature depicting the review of troops of the Southern and Western fronts, where Czar Nicholas II headed together with the heir at the end of the 1915," the press service said.

Emperor’s notebook with sketches of jewelry will be another exhibit. "This is a thick notebook with 305 water-color drawings by Nicholas II. These are mainly drawings of cuff links, pins, key-holders, etc. most of which Nicolas II received as presents from his loved ones (mostly from his wife) and friends. The first notes were made in 1889, and the notebook was ended ahead World War I," the press service said.

The exhibition will run from September 20, 2018, to March 24, 2019 and will explore the role of medicine and science in the life of Nicholas II, his wife and the children, and the way their deaths were investigated later.

Czar Nicholas II, who abdicated the throne on March 2, 1917, and his family were executed by a firing squad in the basement of the Ipatyev House in Yekaterinburg overnight to July 17, 1918. The Russian Orthodox Church canonized them in 2000 as imperial passion bearers.