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Russia will assist Burundi in developing nuclear energy — ambassador

Valery Mikhailov noted that for Russia and Burundi the second Russia-Africa summit was very productive

NAIROBI, March 13. /TASS/. Russia and Burundi are successfully developing cooperation on peaceful nuclear energy, in particular, in particular on improving the nuclear energy infrastructure in that African country, Russia’s ambassador to Burundi Valery Mikhailov told TASS.

"Russia and Burundi signed an agreement on cooperation on peaceful nuclear energy, which will allow us to begin the practical implementation of specific cooperation projects in a wide range of areas. This assistance consists of creating and improving the energy infrastructure of Burundi, legal regulation in the field of nuclear and radiation safety, production of radioisotopes and their applications in industry, medicine and agriculture. That’s an extremely important agreement to solve the problem of electricity shortages in the future," the ambassador noted.

He added that for Russia and Burundi the second Russia-Africa summit was very productive.

"Important agreements on energy, healthcare, education, labor and employment, and justice have been signed," the diplomat said.

Mikhailov recalled that after the summit, the Defense Minister of Burundi Alain Tribert Mutabazi also visited Russia to strengthen cooperation in the military-technical sector and in September Public Service minister Deo Rusengwamihigo visited Sochi. During his visit, a roadmap was signed for the development of cooperation as part of the memorandum, which was previously signed on the sidelines of the summit.