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Weapons supplies to Ukraine pretty close to involvement in conflict — Le Pen

Marine Le Pen stressed that "the best way to help Ukraine is to achieve peace"

PARIS, March 13. /TASS/. French parliament member, presidential candidate from the National Rally party Marine Le Pen, believes that weapons supplies to Ukraine are pretty close to direct involvement in the conflict.

"Weapons supplies to Kiev are very close to participation in the conflict," Le pen said on the BFM news channel. She declared that France’s secession from the allied NATO command remained one of her main demands.

Asked about her attitude to the sanctions against Russia, she said that she was against the sanctions that would hit the French in the first place.

"As far as proposals for a total embargo on Russian oil and gas are concerned, such a step would have disastrous effects on our consumers," Le Pen warned. "I do not wish to sacrifice the interests of the French, their jobs and the French economy in general for the sake of initiatives that I regard as irresponsible."

She stressed that "the best way to help Ukraine is to achieve peace."

France’s presidential election is to be held in two rounds on April 10 and 24. According to opinion polls, Marine Le Pen, holds second place on the list of presidential candidates after the incumbent, Emmanuel Macron, who is contesting a second term of office.