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Russia did not give US infrastructure facilities list sensitive to cyberattacks — Kremlin

Dmitry Peskov said that a mechanism for consultations on cybersecurity would be launched

MOSCOW, June 17. /TASS/. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the United States offered Russia a list of infrastructure facilities protected from cyberattacks, but Moscow did not transmit its own lists. 

"Indeed, such document was handed over, with sensitive infrastructure listed," Peskov told reporters. "We did not pass any counter lists, but a mechanism for consultations on cybersecurity will be launched — all issues will be substantively discussed within it," he added.

Peskov noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin does not tolerate cyberattacks in general. "[The President of the Russian Federation] emphasized that they are unacceptable. In turn, our American counterparts stressed that they in no way talk about any association of these attacks with the Russian state, which is very important," Peskov added.

Peskov said earlier in an interview with the Echo of Moscow radio station that Russia positively assesses the fact that the United States does not directly blame the Russian authorities for the latest cyberattacks.

"Before the summit and during the summit (the meeting of the presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in Geneva on Wednesday — TASS), it was noted that no one blames the Russian government, and no accusations were made against the Russian side," Peskov stressed.

"This is very important. We take it very positively," he said.

Peskov clarified that "some elements of these attacks, according to the US, could one way or another come from Russian territory." He noted that, according to the US, these could be individuals or someone else. In turn, Putin noted that most cyberattacks in the world are carried out from the territory of other states, primarily the United States, Peskov added.

"And this also absolutely does not mean that the US authorities have anything to do with this, by no means. But the fact that this requires bilateral interaction and cooperation is unambiguous. Potential readiness to talk about this has been confirmed," Peskov said, emphasizing the fact that this is an important outcome of the summit.