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Russia to set up continuous assembly line for Su-57 fifth-generation fighters

The plans are to deliver 76 Su-57 aircraft platforms to the Defense Ministry by 2028, according to official data

MOSCOW, August 12. /TASS/. The Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Factory (part of the Sukhoi Aircraft Company within the United Aircraft Corporation) is modernizing its production capacities to launch the continuous assembly line for the latest Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets, the Corporation announced on Wednesday.

"In Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the production capacities have been upgraded and retooled, which allows us to fulfill the defense procurement plan successfully and on schedule. <…> Under the defense procurement plan, we are planning to deliver 76 Su-57 aircraft platforms to the Defense Ministry by 2028," Sukhoi CEO Ilya Tarasenko reported to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu during his visit to the enterprise.

The Sukhoi chief executive showed the defense minister the final assembly workshop where preparations are underway for launching the continuous assembly line for the Su-57 fifth-generation multi-purpose fighters.

Defense Minister Shoigu said during a working meeting with defense industry officials earlier on Wednesday that the ministry would sign an additional contract for the delivery of Su-35S multirole fighters to the troops.

The United Aircraft Corporation said that the implementation of the two programs would allow the enterprise in the Russian Far East to utilize its production capacities and keep jobs for over 10,000 workforce.

Russia’s Aerospace Force to get Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets by year-end

Russia’s Aerospace Force will get the latest Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets and Il-76MD-90A military transport planes by the end of the year, Aerospace Force Deputy Commander-in-Chief Lieutenant-General Sergei Dronov said on Wednesday.

"Defense enterprises are delivering new aircraft to the Aerospace Force. In 2020, they have already delivered Su-34 and Su-35S combat planes, Yak-130 and L-410UVP-E20 combat training aircraft and Mi-8 and Mi-28 helicopters in various modifications. Until the end of this year, the delivery of Il-76MD-90A and Su-57 aircraft is planned," he said.

Defense Minister Shoigu earlier said that the Defense Ministry had signed a contract on 76 Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets.

The Su-57 is a fifth-generation multirole fighter designed to destroy all types of air, ground and naval targets. The Su-57 fighter jet features stealth technology with the broad use of composite materials, is capable of developing supersonic cruising speed and is furnished with the most advanced onboard radio-electronic equipment, including a powerful onboard computer (the so-called electronic second pilot), the radar system spread across its body and some other innovations, in particular, armament placed inside its fuselage.

The Su-57 took to the skies for the first time on January 29, 2010. Compared to its predecessors, the Su-57 combines the functions of an attack plane and a fighter jet while the use of composite materials and innovation technologies and the fighter’s aerodynamic configuration ensure the low level of radar and infrared signature.

The plane’s armament will include, in particular, hypersonic missiles. The fifth-generation fighter jet has been successfully tested in combat conditions in Syria.