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Russia delivers humanitarian aid to Syria’s Latakia

Thursday marks two years since the establishment of the Russian Center for Reconciliation

LATAKIA /Syria/, February 22. /TASS/. The Russian Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides in Syria has delivered around 10,000 boxes of medicine to a hospital in the Syrian city of Latakia, the Center’s medical officer Anton Yershov told reporters.

"The shipment includes broad-spectrum antibiotics, anti-fever drugs for children and drugs for the symptomatic treatment of various diseases," he said.

More than 50 kinds of medicine have been delivered to the hospital, while around 20,000 syringes will be distributed among dozens of the city’s other medical facilities.

"There is enough pill-form antibacterial drugs for seven to ten clinics to use for about two months," Yershov pointed out.

"These drugs are in high demand under the current situation," he went on to say. "We will distribute them among 120 clinics and six hospitals in Latakia. Since borders are closed, we cannot receive medicine from abroad so we are very grateful to Russia. It is not the first time when Russia comes to Syria’s help, providing medicine and humanitarian aid," Head of Latakia’s Healthcare Department Omar Khannam said.

Thursday marks two years since the establishment of the Russian Center for Reconciliation. Over this period, as many as 2,367 Syrian settlements have jointed the ceasefire. The Center has carried out more than 1,750 humanitarian missions, delivering around 2,500 tonnes of aid to Syrian civilians. Nearly 71,000 Syrians have been provided with medical assistance.