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Austria’s new government set to lift anti-Russian sanctions

The future cabinet’s program for 2017-2022 says that its aim is "positive cooperation in our continent"

VIENNA, December 16. /TASS/. Austria’s new government will take active steps in Europe to lift the sanctions imposed on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine and will also help to ease tensions between the West and Russia, says the future cabinet’s program for 2017-2022 available by TASS.

"Austria’s neutrality is a fundamental factor which should be taken into consideration in all international agreements. Involvement in global politics is included in national interests of a neutral state. Austria, as a historical link, should be an active venue for dialogue between the West and East and will shape the policy of d·tente between the West and Russia," says the program titled ‘Together. For Our Austria.’

"Our aim is positive cooperation in our continent. Austria will actively stand up to ease tensions, which emerged particularly over the conflict in Ukraine, and related to it [the conflict] sanctions in the European spirit and will undertake efforts to solve the conflict in Ukraine and around it," it said.