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Japan’s upper house passes resolution condemning North Korea’s missile launch

The missile launch poses an unprecedentedly serious and inevitable threat, the document says

TOKYO, December 4. /TASS/. Japan’s upper house of parliament unanimously adopted a resolution condemning North Korea’s November 29 missile launch.

All 237 members of the House of Councillors who took part in the vote backed the resolution on Monday.

"The missile launch poses an unprecedentedly serious and inevitable threat, and also causes harm to peace and security in the region and the entire world," the document says. Such Pyongyang’s steps show that "North Korea is set to advance its missile and nuclear program."

"Japan won’t accept this behavior and will never fall victim to provocations," Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, promising that the government will make every effort to exert the maximum pressure on North Korea.

The resolution calls on the government to demand that all countries strictly comply with the resolution of the United Nations Security Council and also "force North Korea to change its way of thinking, encourage the country to have talks and seek a peaceful solution to the problem by diplomatic efforts."

North Korea, which had not carried out any provocations for 75 days since mid-September, unexpectedly launched the Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile on November 29. According to experts, this new type of a missile may fly over 13,000 km and is capable of reaching all of the United States mainland.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula remain high as North Korea actively develops its nuclear and missile programs, while the US and its allies in the region carry out their military maneuvers.