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Medvedev, Trump photographed next but one before gala dinner in Manila

Only Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguen Xuan Phuc was standing between them

MANILA, November 12. /TASS/. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and US President Donald Trump were standing next nearest to each other during the joint photo session before the gala dinner for ASEAN leaders attending the summit in Manila, a TASS correspondent reported on Sunday.

The Russian prime minister was among the first to show up at the congress hall where the Philippines president organized the reception. Earlier in the day, Medvedev had a number of bilateral meetings. Trump, on the contrary, was the last to arrive at the reception, with his Philippines shirt pretty wrinkled.

Before taking their seats at the dinner, the leaders, wearing Philippines national shirts Barong Tagalong, posed for a joint photo. Medvedev and Trump were standing next but one to each other, with only Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguen Xuan Phuc between them.

Medvedev and Trump were also photographed shaking hands. After a speech by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, journalists were asked to leave.