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European MP emphasizes damage done to EU countries by anti-Russian sanctions

MOSCOW, June 23. /TASS/. The European Union’s sanctions against Russia are pointless and inflict damage, first and foremost, on the citizens of the European Union, Vice President of the European Parliament’s Europe of Nations and Freedom group Edouard Ferrand said.

On Friday, a delegation of the European Parliament members from France, Italy and the Czech Republic, who arrived in Moscow on June 22, attended a session of the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament).

"I would like to thank Mr. [Vyacheslav] Volodin and Mr. [Leonid] Slutsky for the reception that we received in the State Duma," Ferrand said.

"We represent the Nations and Freedom group of the European Parliament’s Europe, which is a small group but the most politically active," he added. "We have been consistently calling for boosting the European Union’s relations with Russia and removing sanctions, which inflict damage, first and foremost, on the people in the European Union," Ferrand pointed out.