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Moldova’s President says will not sign law spearheaded at Russian media

The president said he was strongly against any deterioration of relations with Russia

CHISINAU, May 23. /TASS/. President Igor Dodon of Moldova will not sign a law spearheaded at Russian mass media that has been drafted by the ruling Democratic Party of Moldova. He said as much on Tuesday while speaking to TASS.

"I speak strongly against any deterioration of relations with our Russian partners so that the party, which has lost people’s trust and is trying to suit the West, could hold on to power, and I will block any law that aims to seed discord in society," Dodon said.

He said that the Democrats were using struggle with propaganda as a cover-up for the faulty actions of the so-called pro-European alliance of political parties, who rule was marked by corruption scandals and an economic tailspin.

"This (the problems the Democrats are seeking to conceal - TASS) is the return of stolen billions to the treasury, punishment of those guilty of corruption, and the essentiality of economic revival of the country.

"Now they (the Democrats) had launched a new series of speculations regarding propaganda," Dodon said. "They seek to fan an anti-Russian hysteria in society against the background of the approaching parliamentary election."

He called attention to the "extremely low popularity ranking of the Democratic Party," saying it could remain in power only if the West closed its eyes at electoral machinations.".