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Attacks by WannaCry virus tend to ease — Kaspersky Laboratory

MOSCOW, May 15. /TASS/. Russia’s vendor of consumer IT security software Kaspersky Laboratory has said that the proliferation of the WannaCry virus is under control and tends to ease.

"The number of attacks by WannaCry virus detected by the Kaspersky Laboratory on Monday, May 15, dwindled by 84% since last Friday, May 12. This is a sign the contamination process has been almost put under control," Kaspersky Laboratory said in its blog.

By the moment the Kaspersky Laboratory has registered more than 45,000 attacks on users around the world, which is only part of all attempted attacks. The published statistics concern only Kaspersky’s clients.

"It is possible to assess the situation more accurately on the basis of data from the server most versions of the WannaCry versions established connection with. At the moment the Malware server has registered more than 200,000 notifications of contamination," Kaspersky said.