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US invites Russia for consultations on cybersecurity

In 2015, Russia invited the United States to begin consultations on cybersecurity but these invitation remained unanswered

ROME, December 2. /TASS/. The United States is inviting Russia for consultations on cybersecurity and Moscow is ready to get back to this idea, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday.

"A year ago, we applied to the U.S. department of justice officially, via the Russian prosecutor general’s office, with a proposal to begin consultations on joint measures against cybercrime," Lavrov said at the Mediterranean Dialogues forum. "One of the reasons was that the Americans have a practice of abducting Russian citizens in other countries without notifying us despite the fact that they must do that under the Consular Convention. They seek their arrest under the pretext that these people allegedly commit cybercrimes and then seek their extradition tom the United States. We are also interested in investigating such cases, so, in November 2015, before the accusations of cyberattacks, we invited the United States for such consultations."

"Both in May and in July of this year, I reminded Secretary of State John Kerry that we had sent such invitations and would like to hear an answer," Lavrov said. "He said it was a very good proposal but he would like to discuss it with the department of justice. But, in the long run, having discussed it, he said they were not interested in it. And only now they have sent us an invitation to get back to this idea. Well, we are ready."