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US former ambassador to Moscow McFaul put on Russia’s sanction list — source

Michael McFaul has been under Russian sanctions more than two years ago, a source says

MOSCOW, November 11. /TASS/. The United States’ former ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, is really on Russia’s tit-for-tat sanction list, a source in the Russian foreign ministry told TASS on Friday.

"Michael McFaul is really on the tit-for-tat sanction list, and he was aware of that," the source said. "He was put on that list in response to the United States’ visa restrictions against Russian nationals."

McFaul twittered earlier he could not come to Russia because Kremlin had allegedly put him on the list of people, who were denied entry of the country’s territory because of his close personal links to Barack Obama.

"Michael McFaul is wrong as usual: he has been put on the response blacklist not because of his closeness to Obama, as he wrote, but because of his active participation in wrecking bilateral relations and as a consistent lobbyist of the campaign of exerting pressure on Russia," the source said.

"McFaul was put on our stop-list more than two years ago, during one of the first waves of extension of sanction lists against United States citizens, which mirrored the unfriendly actions of the administration of [United States President Barack] Obama in respect of Russian nationals," the source said.