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Some German states speak against new anti-Russian sanctions — media

Russia should be persuaded to resume talks by diplomatic means, Saxony Minister-President Stanislaw Tillich says

BERLIN, October 11. /TASS/. A number of prime ministers of east German states have spoken against possible imposition of new sanctions against Russia, Spiegel Online reported.

"Many sides and states that support them take part in military clashes in Syria directly or indirectly. Resumption of dialogue should be preferred to sanctions," the publication cites Saxony Minister-President Stanislaw Tillich (Christian Democratic Union) as saying.

Tillich said imposition of sanctions against one country will not contribute to efforts to end the conflict.

"Russia should be persuaded to resume talks by diplomatic means," he said.

His fellow party member, Saxony-Anhalt Minister-President Reiner Haseloff, is of the same opinion.

"Sanctions imposed earlier have not rendered any influence yet. But they have inflicted harm upon economic exchanges, including companies in Saxony-Anhalt, which have traditionally maintained ties with Russian companies," Haseloff said.