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Azerbaijan's head says constitutional referendum will shape nation’s future

The Constitutional referendum was held in Azerbaijan on September 26

BAKU, September 27. /TASS/. The Constitutional referendum held in Azerbaijan on September 26, will determine the course of the country’s development, President Ilham Aliyev stated at a meeting with community members of the town of Sumgait, a large industrial center 25 kilometers from the country’s capital of Baku.

"Yesterday’s referendum is going to determine the course of the country’s development. The overwhelming majority of Azeris have clearly said ‘yes’ to the referendum and our proposals, and accepted them," Aliyev said. He pointed out that the referendum "has indicated the great confidence that the people have placed in our policy." "This confidence gives us strength. Without it, we would have faced difficulties in promoting the country’s interests on an international level," the president stated.

A total of 29 constitutional amendments and new articles were placed on Azerbaijan’s referendum on Monday. According to the results announced by the central election commission, more than 80% of the people taking part in the referendum voted in favor of these amendments.

The experts are focusing on the amendments that provide the president with the right to dissolve parliament, appoint the first vice president and vice presidents - these posts will be established based on the outcome of the referendum - and declare special presidential elections. In addition to that, the president’s term in office has been extended from five to seven years, while the minimum age requirement to run in the presidential election race was scrapped.