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Italian senator says Russia’s air operation in Syria is key factor of anti-IS efforts

A senator stresses it is vitally important to ensure complete ceasefire and organize humanitarian deliveries

ROME, September 26. /TASS/. Russia’s air campaign in Syria is a key factor in combating Islamic State [a terrorist organization outlawed in Russia], an Italian Senator told TASS on Monday.

"Russia’s air campaign in Syria’s Raqqa, which is dubbed as the Islamic State capital, and Aleppo, which is literally in the grip of rebel groups and Islamists, has been and continues to be of paramount importance for uprooting Islamic State which is losing its position thanks, among others, to Russia’s efforts," Giacomo Stucchi, president of the Italian parliamentary committee for security of the republic (Copasir), said.

The situation in that region, in his words, is "extremely difficult."

"One cannot but see that the protracted conflict has turned the life of the local population into nightmare," he said, adding that it is vitally important at this point to ensure complete ceasefire and organize humanitarian deliveries.

"When Islamic State is completely exterminated, the international community must do its best to avoid new escalation of conflicts in Syria and Iraq," Stucchi stressed.