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Brazilian Senate approves Rousseff’s impeachment

Vice-President Michel Temer will remain acting president until the end of 2018

RIO DE JANEIRO, August 31 /TASS/. Brazil’s Federal Senate (parliament’s upper house) on Wednesday impeached suspended President Dilma Rousseff by 61 votes against 20.

It means she is going to quit her post for good.

Vice-President Michel Temer will remain the head of state until the end of 2018.

The vote took place by open ballot, in which all the 81 senators without exception had taken part. There were no absentees.

The inauguration of Brazil’s new president will take place at the parliament’s lower house later in the day. Rousseff, in turn, will make a statement for the press.

Alleged financial fraud during the first months of Rousseff’s second term in office is the impeachment supporters’ chief motive. They are accusing Rousseff of signing several decrees on the allocation of state funds without prior consultations with parliament and delaying payments to state banks. The opposition considers it as an attempt to conceal the budget deficit. Rousseff considers herself to be innocent and has called the impeachment initiative to be politically-motivated.