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More than 100 civilians killed, 700 injured in Aleppo shelling in August

Hundreds of badly injured civilians are at hospitals throughout the city

ALEPPO, August 13. /TASS/. More than 100 civilians have been killed and 700 got injured in August shelling of Syria’s Aleppo, local authorities told reporters on Saturday stressing more than half of the dead are women and children.

Hundreds of badly injured civilians are at hospitals throughout the city. They all are in desperate need for qualified medical assistance.

Biggest destruction is in Aleppo’s southern Hamdaniya. Militants seized an artillery school there and began shelling houses in southern Aleppo. On August 10, a gas tank filled with striking elements hit a passenger bus, several shells were laid on the local market, killing 14 and leaving injured about 50.

Pathologist at the Aleppo University Hashim told reporters in August the militants have been using the tactics of "scorched earth," as they used against civilians the most heavy weapons they had. "I saw pits of five meters deep, which were left from the explosions. Those shells can destroy a house. My house was also hit," he said.

People of all ages are facing terrifying tragedy in the city. "I am 17, I have graduated from the 11th grade. I was sleeping at home, then woke up all in blood and could not realize what was happening - I was taken to hospital, underwent surgery - this is all I can remember. Later on, I learned the terrorists had thrown a shell, my father also was injured, my brothers, too," a local resident, Malik Kasab said.

Another local resident, Nadzhua Katvi said terrorists were hit the city with artillery shells, gas tanks and self-made missiles. "A shell has hit this shop. The owner lost legs. Fragments hit my house balcony, I could barely manage hide my children," she said.