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At least 945 Ukrainian servicemen killed in east during military operation - prosecutor

Another 3,604 people were wounded, among them servicemen, Interior Ministry troops, Security Service personnel, National Guards and Border Guards

KIEV, October 7. /TASS/. The Chief Ukrainian Military Prosecutor said on Tuesday that 945 servicemen were killed and 3,604 were wounded in eastern Ukraine during the military operation.

The armed forces lost 745 people, the Interior Ministry − 69, the State Border Guard Service − 58, the Security Service − 10 and the National Guards lost 63, Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoliy Matios told a briefing.

He also cited the figures for the wounded: 2,619 in the Ukrainian army, 273 among Interior Ministry troops, 344 in the Border Guard Service, ten in the Security Service and 358 of the National Guards.

Petro Poroshenko said earlier that 946 people were killed in eastern Ukraine during the military operation. Among them were servicemen, security service personnel, national guards, border guards and volunteers.