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Moldova reports hospitalization of 6 people suspected of contracting anthrax

CHISINAU, September 05. /ITAR-TASS/. A total of six workers of a livestock farm in the Cagul district of Moldova have been hospitalized on the suspicion of contracting anthrax, the national Healthcare Ministry said Friday.

“The patients are in a satisfactory condition and the illness makes itself manifest mostly in skin lesions but they have a normal temperature,” Viktor Dyatishin, the head doctor of the infectious diseases hospital in Chisinau told reporters. “They will stay at hospital for about two weeks until full recovery.”

The previous case of anthrax in Moldova was reported last year. The experts point to the numerous livestock burial sites, where from anthraxes can be washed out on to fields and into rivers by rainwater, as the main source of the incident.

Moldova’s sanitary, veterinarian and epidemiological services were taking urgent steps on Friday to localize the dangerous infection.