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Rally in central Kiev demands changes in Ukraine’s system of power

KIEV, June 01, /ITAR-TASS/. A rally, which is being held on Sunday in Kiev’s central Independence Square, known as Maidan, have supported the idea of the UDAR party leader, Vitali Klitschko, who is winning mayoral elections in Kiev, to hold early elections to Ukraine’s parliament.

“Maidan has done what it was to do - the dictator has been ousted and the country has held democratic elections of the president,” Klitschko said, addressing several thousands of activists who gathered in the square.

Activists who took the floor after Klitschko called on those present not to leave the square.

“We have been here to change the system of power. But we see no changes so far. Maidan must stand firm until the goal is achieved,” they said.

Participants in a rally decided to continue their actions until all their demands were satisfied, according to a manifesto adopted by the Maidan activists.

“Maidan will be there until all its demands are satisfied,” the manifesto said.

“Our demands are punishment to criminals, lustration, a package of laws to change the system of power, re-establishment of the constitutional system in a number of communities, and punishment to those responsible for the deaths and tortures of activists.”

The manifesto called for “structural changes in the Maidan,” and a “system of the dialogue with the authorities.” It also called to establish municipal police from among Maidan activists.