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Ukrainian forces kill four, injure 16 near Rubezhnoye - military doctor

In his words, first civilians had blocked a Ukrainian army unit on the way to Rubezhnoye

LUGANSK, May 23, 5:19 /ITAR-TASS/. Ukrainian military on Thursday opened fire near the town of Rubezhnoye, the Lugansk Region to kill four and injure sixteen others, military doctor Gennady Moralishvili told a news conference later in the day.

He said first civilians had blocked a Ukrainian army unit on the way to Rubezhnoye.

“They (military - Itar-Tass) were prepared to surrender and agreed to lay down arms. Our people game them something to eat and took them back. On the way they came under the fire of their own forces,” he said.

Moralishvili told the media that according to available information four were killed and sixteen others injured. There were civilians among the casualties.

“Troops were firing shots at civilians,” he said.

According to Moralishvili some representatives of the local people’s militia had contacted the Ukrainian forces near the city to try to persuade them not to open fire, because some industrial enterprises in the area manufacture ammonia and explosives.

Moralishvili said paratroops from the 25th Dnepropetrovsk division were involved in the operation near Rubezhnoye. Some soldiers claim they had been forced to participate in the operation.

“They said outright that they had been mobilized. In case of refusal they would have been sentenced to eight years in prison,” Moralishvili said.