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Poland demands clarity over Ukraine of Germany

BERLIN, May 10, /ITAR-TASS/. Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski demands that Germany takes a clearer stance in relation to Russia amid the events in Ukraine, as quoted in an interview published in the German paper Bild on Saturday.

According to Komorowski, it is unclear what view some in Germany take of Russia in the current situation, which makes him suspect some German politicians of seeking a way in their foreign policy that Poland could hardly accept.

The Polish president said his country wanted the German Government to be more determined in its efforts to settle the conflict in Ukraine as soon as possible, so that Europe and its neighbours can live without fear in the future. It is better to extinguish the fire now than wait until it spreads to other countries, the president believes.

Poland and the Baltic countries support tougher sanctions against Russia and stronger NATO presence in their territories because of the Ukrainian crisis. Furthermore, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has recently proposed a European energy union to reduce the EU’s reliance on Russian energy resources.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel repeatedly said the EU would be ready to introduce economic sanctions if the situation in Ukraine escalated but some German experts and politicians believe such measures would damage Germany itself, as part of its economy is directly dependent on export to Russia. Business circles overtly reject the idea of sanctions saying they are hardly an efficient mechanism to resolve the crisis.