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Central Elections Commission: disruption of Ukraine presidential elections hardly probable

KIEV, April 06, 14:57 /ITAR-TASS/. Disruption of Ukrainian presidential elections due on May 25 is hardly probable and may take place only “if a state of emergency or a state of war is introduced” in the country, head of Ukrainian Central Elections Commission (CEC) Mikhail Okhendovsky said live on TV channel Ukraine on Sunday.

“It seems to me that there are no reasons to say about possible disruption of elections except for two hardly possible possibilities - introduction of a state of emergency or a state of war,” he said, adding that “As for a state of emergency it seems to me that our politicians will have enough wisdom not to take such step during the election process.” The country’s CEC has registered 23 candidates for presidential post so far.

Success of presidential elections depends from well-arranged work of election committees, from how candidates are interested in transparency of the whole election process and from “readiness of the society to confront possible violations and falsifications,” the CEC head said.