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COVID-19 mortality grows 1.5-2 fold in some European countries — TASS’ calculations

Less than 50,000 people have been dying worldwide for two months in a row

MOSCOW, November 21. /TASS/. The number of confirmed coronavirus infections worldwide has increased by 12.7 mln during October which is approximately 12% less than in September, according to TASS’ calculations.

The coronavirus incidence has been declining for three months in a row. However, in a number of European countries the spread of the infection has been intensifying, while in America and Asia the figures have been steadily decreasing.

Less than 50,000 people have been dying worldwide for two months in a row. However, in some European countries, the mortality has increased 1.5-2 fold amid new serious coronavirus outbreaks.

Lowered figures

The incidence has been steadily decreasing last month both in North and South America. Thus, in the US, the figures were the lowest since March - the country has been recording about 20,000-25,000 new daily infections. In Mexico and Argentina they reached one of the lowest levels during the entire pandemic - there, no more than 3,000 daily infections were being registered. However, new outbreaks of the infection have been recorded in Chile with the figures tripling since the beginning of the month.

That said, in Brazil the rates of the infection spreading have been the lowest since last November.

The incidence has been decreasing in Asian countries as well. For example, in Japan it decreased almost three fold compared to September while in South Korea it went down 2.5 fold.


The highest spread rates of the infection in October have been registered in Germany. In the first half of the month, up to 175,000 new daily cases were registered with the incidence decreasing since then. In all, in October, about 2.3 mln new cases were registered there.

In France, the incidence peaked in mid-October with about 87.7 daily infections recorded. However, after about two weeks this figure was reduced by half.

New outbreaks were documented in Italy where during the first half of October more than 65,000 daily infections were being detected.



About 44,000 people died of COVID-19 worldwide in October. The infection’s mortality, much like its incidence, has decreased by 12% versus September.

A quarter of all fatalities was in the US. The mortality there has decreased by 10% versus September.

Germany, where 3,700 died in October, 1.5 times more than in September, is in second place

The mortality has also sharply increased in France and Italy where about 2,000 deaths have been recorded over one month. These figures almost doubled since early September.