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About 30,000 Ukrainian military wounded in Russian military operation — Zelensky’s office

Nearly 10,000 killed, Alexey Arestovich, adviser to the office of the Ukrainian president, said

KIEV, June 20./TASS/. As many as 10,000 Ukrainian troops were killed and about 30,000 wounded since the start of the Russian military operation, Alexey Arestovich, adviser to the office of the Ukrainian president, said on Monday.

"Nearly 10,000 killed. And, accordingly one in three [wounded]," Arestovich said in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon, listed among terrorists and extremists by the Russian Federal Financial Monitoring Service. Arestovich pointed out that 96 to 98% of the wounded servicemen return back into the army.

Earlier, Ukrainian Defense Ministry Alexey Reznikov that Ukraine was losing up to 100 troops killed and 500 wounded a day. Then, Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine said that between 100 and 200 Ukrainian servicemen were being killed in combat every day. The head of the Servant of the People ruling party’s faction, David Arakhamiya, estimated daily losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at 200 to 500 people. On June 10, Arestovich for the first time named the total losses in Ukrainian troops - up to 10,000 military.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24, in response to a request by the heads of the Donbass republics, made a decision to conduct a special military operation. He stressed that Moscow's plans did not include the occupation of Ukrainian territories. He assured that the goal is the demilitarization and denazification of the Eastern European country.