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Bloomberg accidentally reports that Russia invaded Ukraine

It is specified that the cause of this happening is being investigated

MOSCOW, February 5. /TASS/. The US Bloomberg news agency published a headline saying "Russia Invades Ukraine" on its website on Friday, then admitted its mistake and removed the article.

"We prepare headlines for many scenarios and one of those headlines was inadvertently published at around 4 PM ET (about midnight Moscow time - TASS) today on our website," the news agency said, adding "We deeply regret the error."

It is specified that the cause of this happening is being investigated.

Lately, Ukraine and the West have been increasingly echoing claims of an alleged possible Russian "invasion" of Ukraine ever more frequently. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov branded such information as an "empty and groundless" escalation of tensions, emphasizing that Russia does not pose a threat to anyone. That said, he didn’t exclude the possibility of provocations being whipped up in order to justify such claims and warned that attempts to resolve the problem in southeastern Ukraine through the use of force would have the most serious consequences.