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Iraqi migrant dies on Polish-Belarusian border, authorities say

According to the border official, one more man who tested positive for COVID-19 has been hospitalized

WARSAW, September 24. /TASS/. Poland’s border guard service reported the death of another migrant at the Belarusian border on its Twitter Friday.

"Last night, a group of Iraqi citizens was detained about 500 meters away from the Belarusian border. Despite receiving medical aid from the border patrol and an ambulance, one man has died (likely, from a heart attack). One man who tested positive for COVID-19 has been hospitalized," a border official said.

On Sunday, the Polish border guard reported that the bodies of three dead migrants were found at various sections of the Polish-Belarusian border.

Since the beginning of this year, over 4,000 illegal migrants have been apprehended at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, which is almost 50 times more than during all of 2020. The Polish border guard registered over 7,000 border crossing attempts from Belarus, compared to last year’s figure of 120.

In late May, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko warned that his country had served as a barrier to illegal migrants, but due to the West’s ramped-up political pressure, Minsk would start to reconsider whether it was worth continuing to do so.