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Slovakia used up all Sputnik V vaccines delivered at year’s start, RDIF says

The Russian Direct Investment Fund stressed that a Hungarian laboratory certified in the European Union confirmed the quality of the batch received in Slovakia

MOSCOW, August 31. /TASS/. Slovakia has used all the available Sputnik V vaccine jabs from a batch delivered at the beginning of the year, and no new deliveries are planned, the press service of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) told TASS.

"Slovakia has used all available Sputnik V jabs from a batch delivered to the country at the beginning of the year. No additional supplies are planned under the contract. They launched an information campaign against the Sputnik V vaccine in Slovakia, which became part of a political struggle between various groups in the government, despite the fact that the enormous efficacy and safety of the Russian vaccine has been confirmed in clinical trials and real use around the world " the RDIF noted.

In particular, a Hungarian laboratory certified in the European Union additionally confirmed the quality of the batch received in Slovakia, the RDIF added.

"It should be noted that in Hungary, where more than a million people were vaccinated with Sputnik V as part of a massive vaccination campaign, the demand for the Russian vaccine exceeded the volume supplied to the country," the RDIF said.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Ministry of Health of Slovakia announced that the Central European country would stop using Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine as of today.

Slovakia began to use Sputnik V on June 7. The registration of those wishing to be vaccinated was completed on June 30th. More than 15,000 residents of the republic, including Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Igor Matovic, expressed their desire to be inoculated with it.

The purchase of the vaccine unregistered in the European Union, caused a government crisis in the republic and led to Matovic's resignation from the post of prime minister, and moved to the position of finance minister.

In particular, President of Slovakia Zuzana Chaputova expressed discontent about the purchase of the unregistered drug.

Slovakia received 200,000 doses of the vaccine from Russia, but decided to use only 40,000. About a month and a half ago, the Slovakian Ministry of Health reported that Russia had bought out 160,000 doses of the drug at the same price for which it was sold - $9.95 per dose.