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Number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Serbia up by nearly 8,000 in past day

As many as 269 patients are connected to lung ventilators

BELGRADE, December 1. /TASS/. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Serbia grew by a record high 7,999 in the past day, with the death toll reaching 1,652, the country’s health ministry said on Tuesday.

According to the health ministry, the overall number of coronavirus cases in Serbia has reached 183,437. Forty-eight coronavirus-related deaths were reported during the day.

As many as 269 patients are connected to lung ventilators. More than 1.8 million tests for the novel coronavirus have been conducted in Serbia since the pandemic outbreak, including 22,837 during the past day.

According to Serbian medics, the third-wave patients are demonstrating much worse clinical patterns than those of the first and second waves of the coronavirus epidemic, with a high percentage of pneumonias and serious conditions. Medics say that the real number of those infected may be ten times as big.

On November 17, the country’s government imposed restrictions on the work of all leisure establishments, trade centers and shops. The government even looked at imposing a curfew but decided to refrain from this measure.