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Over a dozen protesters held near metro station in Minsk

People started hiding in a nearby Green City mall, TASS correspondent reported

MINSK, November 22. /TASS/. More than a dozen protesters were detained on Sunday near Kamennaya Gorka metro station in northwestern Minsk at a rally, a TASS correspondent reported.

People started hiding in a nearby Green City mall. Some 100 people had rushed there and security forces also broke into the building.

Earlier in the day, Belarusian portal posted a video showing that security forces had used special means, supposedly stun grenades, against protesters in this neighborhood.

Nationwide demonstrations have engulfed Belarus following the August 9 presidential election. The most massive rallies are held in Minsk and several other cities on Sundays. On these days in the morning special vehicles with police arrive in downtown Belarusian capital and the supposed venues of protests, while nearby metro stations are closed and access to mobile Internet is limited.