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Belarusian student protests become aggressive, Education Minister says

Despite numerous calls to strikes, education process continues normally

MINSK, October 26. /TASS/. Student protests become more aggressive, Belarusian Minister of Education Igor Karpenko said Monday, adding that such behavior towards teachers and other education employees is unacceptable.

"Every man has their own civil position, but its aggressive imposition on others, especially in education facilities, is unacceptably. Boorish behavior towards teachers and college employees, and attempts to destabilize the situation in educational facilities are violations of both internal regulations and the law. The so-called peaceful student protests acquire blatant forms of aggression and boorishness. Such actions will be thwarted with implementation of all necessary legal measures," the Minister said, according to BelTA news agency.

He added that, despite numerous calls to strikes, education process continues normally.

"Still, certain students attempts to disrupt the education process, insult the teachers and college heads," he noted.