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Bolivia's interim president asks all ministers to resign

Earlier Jeanine Anez declared her intention to run for president

BUENOS AIRES, January 27. /TASS/. Acting Bolivian President Jeanine Anez has addressed all the government ministers calling for their resignation to hold a cabinet reshuffle after she declared her intention to run for president, the presidential administration’s press service reported on Sunday.

"Constitutional President Jeanine Anez believes that it is common to make rearrangements in the executive authority team on the eve of registration of candidates running in a free, impartial and transparent election on May 3. In light of this, she decided to ask all ministers to resign before a new stage in the transitional democratic government," says the statement published on the website of Bolivia’s La Razon newspaper.

Anez pledged to reveal the new cabinet lineup soon.

On January 24, the interim president revealed that she would run in the upcoming presidential election scheduled for May 3, contrary to what she said previously. After the news broke out, Communications Minister Roxana Lizarraga tendered her resignation, rebuking the decision made by Anez.

Bolivia held a presidential election on January 20, 2019 which showed then incumbent president Evo Morales grabbing most of the votes, according to the Bolivian Supreme Electoral Tribunal. Carlos Mesa, his key opponent, announced that he did not concede the election and recognize Morales’ first round victory. After the results were officially released, Morales’ opponents organized protests rallies and the country plunged into unrest and turmoil.

After three weeks of chaos, Morales stepped down branding the developments as coup d’etat. Second Deputy Speaker of the Bolivian Senate Jeanine Anez representing opposition assumed the presidency until a new election is held.