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Ukrainian citizen charged with spying is on prisoner exchange list

Konstantin Davydenko earlier pled guilty and cooperated with the investigation

MOSCOW, October 15. /TASS/. Ukrainian citizen Konstantin Davydenko charged with spying in Russia and sentenced to seven years in prison is on the exchange list between Russia and Ukraine, Davydenko’s lawyer Dmitry Dinze told TASS on Tuesday.

"The Ukrainian Embassy in Russia confirmed to me that Davydenko is on the exchange list," Dinze said.

He reported that he does not know anything about other names from the list and the degree of its development. "I know that Davydenko is on the list. I was not told anything about the stage of the work on the exchange or other names from the list," the lawyer said.

Davydenko earlier pled guilty and cooperated with the investigation. "He did not sign the plea bargain, but he pled guilty and cooperated with the investigators. And we link the mitigation of punishment with his position," Dinze explained.

The Russian Supreme Court mitigated the detention term from 10.5 to seven years in a colony for Davydenko. He was found guilty of spying (Section 276 of the Russian Criminal Code). The court found that, while being a recruit of the Ukrainian Security Service and performing reconnaissance tasks, Davydenko intentionally gathered information in Crimea about advanced samples of military equipment, electronics, third-generation communication means and night-vision devices, the leakage of which could have damaged security of the Russian Federation.