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Moldova renews strategic partnership with Russia in all areas, says president

Igor Dodon also noted the prospects of cooperation between the countries’ defense ministries

CHISINAU, August 24. /TASS/. Moldova renews strategic partnership with Moscow in all areas, Moldovan President Igor Dodon said during Saturday’s meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

"I would like to note that we are renewing strategic partnership with the Russian Federation in all areas. In recent years, we have had a very good relationship at the senior government level. Now we have renewed normal relations and we have contacts at the parliament level," the Moldovan leader said.

According to him, Moldova’s prime minister is set to visit Russia in September, along with the republic’s foreign minister. Dodon stressed that this points to the beginning of normal cooperation between the two countries in all areas.

The Moldovan leader also thanked the Russian government for their support of Moldova in recent years. "This concerns the economy, our migrants and other issues that we have discussed with the Russian president, making prompt decisions," Dodon said.

He also noted the prospects of cooperation between the countries’ defense ministries. "I think that there are prospects there as well," Dodon stated.

He also highlighted Russia’s role "in all the matters concerning Transnistrian regulation." He noted the contribution of peacekeepers in the region. "It is invaluable. Thanks to the peacekeepers, during all this years we have stability on the Dniester, there have been no provocations. I’m sure this will continue."

The Moldovan president noted that this is the first visit of the Russian defense minister to Moldova "in all 28 years of the republic’s independence." He thanked Shoigu for visiting Moldova on this day, August 24. "Today we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Moldova’s liberation from Nazi invaders. For many citizens of the republic, this is a day to celebrate. August 24 has always been and will always remain the Day of Commemoration, the Day of Liberation from Nazism. This is the principled position of the majority of citizens, and we support it," Dodon stressed.

During the celebratory events, Dodon and Shoigu laid flowers at the tombs of Soviet soldiers killed during the liberation of Moldova in 1944.