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Boiko still leads rating of potential candidates to post of Ukraine’s prime minister

Acording to the survey by the information agency Ukrainian News and the Socis center, 14.9% of Ukrainians s Boiko’s candidacy

KIEV, July 12. /TASS/. Co-Chairman of the Opposition Platform-For Life party Yuri Boiko still leads the rating of politicians who, according to voters, could occupy the post of Ukraine’s prime minister, according to the results of the survey jointly published by the information agency Ukrainian News and the Socis center.

According to the survey, "14.9% of Ukrainians responded that they would vote for Boiko’s candidacy as prime minister if they could make such a decision." Batkivhschina party leader Yuliya Timoshenko with 13.3% was ranked second, and incumbent Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman (9.5%) was ranked third.

Another 7.5% see head of the People’s Servant party leader Dmitry Razumkov as prime minister, and 7.2% backed Strength and Honor party leader Igor Smeshko.

Ukraine’s musician and Voice party leader Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is ranked sixth in the rating, with 4.9% of votes.

Still, 7.4% of voters did not back any of the candidates, and 20.2% said they did not make a choice yet.

The survey was carried out on July 5-9 among 1,200 respondents aged over 18. The non-sampling error does not exceed 2.9%.