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Widespread fraud by Poroshenko expected in runoff, Zelensky’s team warns

According to a survey, Zelensky outperforms Poroshenko across all age groups

KIEV, April 11. /TASS/. Incumbent Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko’s chances of winning the election runoff are very slim, noted the campaign team for presidential hopeful Vladimir Zelensky on Thursday, commenting on the results of a poll published by the Rating sociological group.

"The facts show that the current authorities have barely any chances of winning, which means that widespread fraud, ballot box stuffing, bribes and multiple voting in the runoff. The incumbent president’s team is willing to jump at any opportunity to cling to power," the statement reads.

According to the poll conducted by the Rating, 51% of Ukrainians plan to vote for Zelensky, while only 21% will support Poroshenko. Among those who have decided to vote in the runoff and have chosen a candidate, 71% said they would cast their votes for Zelensky, while only 21% would support Poroshenko. According to the survey, Zelensky outperforms Poroshenko across all age groups and is supported in the eastern, southern and central regions of the country, while in the west neither enjoy a majority.

The first round of Ukraine’s presidential elections took place on March 31. Zelensky received 30.24% of the votes, while Poroshenko got 15.95%.