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Russia against West's plans to hold UNSC session on Kosovo behind closed doors — source

The UN Security Council will hold a session on Monday over Kosovo's decision to create a full-fledged army

UNITED NATIONS, December 15. /TASS/. Russia and Western countries were not able to reach consensus regarding the format of the UN Security Council (UNSC) session scheduled for Monday and devoted to Kosovo's announcement on creating an army, a source in the Russian Permanent Mission to the United Nations told TASS on Friday.

"Russia and Serbia demanded to hold UN Security Council session on Monday because of the situation that emerged after the so-called parliament in Pristina decided to turn the Kosovo armed forces into a full-fledged army, which contradicts Resolution 1244 envisaging only the presence of international forces in Kosovo," the source said. "With this aim, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will come to New York," the source added.

The diplomat noted that consultations on this issue were held behind closed doors on Friday. "The group of Western countries did not question the importance of holding this meeting but suggested to the format behind closed doors," the source said. "No consensus was reached because of those different positions. A decision was made that the Security Council chair - Cote d'Ivoire's permanent representative - will continue consultations with the sides in the time left until Monday," the source said.

"We consider such approach disrespectful. Why are many long-hour sessions held in the open format, while doors close when it's about Serbia?" the source wondered. "One can get an impression that our Western partners want to hide the problem behind closed doors," he conlcuded.