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Russian deputy envoy says UN resolution on human rights in Syria detached from reality

Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to UN Gennady Kuzmin said the resolution is "just a mechanism for geopolitical score-settling"

THE UNITED NATIONS, November 16. /TASS/. Russia’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Gennady Kuzmin slammed the resolution on human rights in Syria passed by UN General Assembly Third Committee on Friday as political point scoring, he said at the committee’s meeting.

Moscow voted against the resolution at the meeting. "It is just a mechanism for geopolitical score-settling," Kuzmin said about the resolution.

"We have spoken out more than once against attempts to transform the Third Committee into a body rubberstamping the nations’ politicized resolutions with the only aim of mount pressure on the government of one of the UN member states," he said.

He slammed the resolution on human rights in Syria as a vivid example of this practice. "Each year, its content is becoming more and more detached from reality," Kuzmin stated. "This document has turned into a poisonous concentrate of all ideas and initiatives which Damascus’ opponents failed to ‘push through’ at other platforms."

Syria’s Ambassador to UN Bashar Jaafari pointed out that Saudi Arabia, which authored the resolution, had breached requirements for drafting these documents.

"While it was drafted, no public meetings were held, since most of the discussions on the resolution were behind closed doors at the Saudi mission," he said.