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Russia-Turkey-Germany-France summit on Syria may take place in Istanbul

According to the Kremlin, all four countries are looking at Istanbul as a possible venue for the summit

MOSCOW, September 5. /TASS/. Aides to the leaders of Russia, Germany, France and Turkey are planning to discuss the agenda of a possible summit on Syria between these countries, which may take place in Istanbul, Russian Presidential Aide Yuri Ushakov told journalists on Wednesday.

"The aforementioned countries are interested in holding the summit of the four [countries], and the aides (of the leaders) on foreign policy have been instructed to work on this issue. I don’t rule out that in the nearest future, maybe in the next 10 days, such a contact will take place between our colleagues and us, in the course of which we will develop an agenda of this summit, and inform our leaders of it, and then we will agree on a date of this summit," Ushakov said.

He noted that all four countries are looking at Istanbul as a possible venue for the summit.

Ushakov reminded that the leaders had discussed holding such a meeting earlier, during the contacts between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his colleagues from Turkey, Germany and France. "There was a message from the Turkish side, stating that an alleged four-lateral summit with an accent on Syrian regulation may be held in Istanbul on September 7. As for the Russian side, I can say that we reacted to this probing from the Turkish [side] in a positive way, but then we found out that there has not been a clear agreement on this issue with other members," Ushakov informed.