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Thai cave rescue mission: Ninth teen freed from perilous ordeal

Another three kids and their 25-year-old coach still remain in the cave

BANGKOK, July 10. /TASS/. Rescue workers have brought out the ninth boy out of 13 people who have been trapped in Thailand’s Khao Luang cave for more than two weeks, the Kyodo news agency reported on Tuesday.

According to the news agency, another three kids and their 25-year-old coach still remain in the cave. The boy, whose name was not made public, came out of the cave at around 16:00 local time (09:00 GMT) and was immediately examined by doctors. He is expected to be taken to the hospital shortly.

On June 23, national park staff found a motorbike, bicycles and sports equipment near a cave entrance and contacted a local football club, which confirmed that those things belonged to 12 kids aged between 11 and 16 years and their 25-year-old coach. The cave where the group went missing stretches almost ten kilometers, it has several entrances and exits, as well as large chambers, where the group members found shelter from the rising waters caused by a rainy season downpour.

On July 8-9, divers managed to rescue eight children, who were taken to the hospital in helicopters. On Tuesday, rescue workers launched the final stage of the evacuation operation aimed at bringing out the remaining five people.