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Brazil blazes past Russia with 3-0 win in Moscow’s friendly football match

Brazil was on its first dangerous attack on the goal of the hosts with just five minutes into the game

MOSCOW, March 23. /TASS/. The Brazilian national football squad defeated the Russian national side with a confident 3-0 win in a friendly match on Friday night at the Luzhniki Arena in Moscow.

Brazil was on its first dangerous attack on the goal of the hosts with just five minutes into the game. It was a close call from Brazil’s Gabriel Jesus on the assist from Dani Alves, but Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev was quick to save the net.

The guests quickly felt comfortable at the new stadium in Moscow as they were clearly in charge of the ball possession since the opening minutes of the first half delivering numerous attempts on the goal of the hosts.

Akinfeev raised a storm of applause with a sharp save on the 25th minute snatching the ball from the upper right corner. Five minutes later the noise level at the stands surged again as the Russian side went on a quick offensive on their opponents with a strike from Roman Zobnin, but it was easily blocked by Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson.

The Russians managed to bring some control into their game by the end of the opening half with frequent interceptions and more shots on the goal of the Brazilian side.

The first half ended clearly with the strong offensive initiative on behalf of the hosts, but the players of both teams retreated for the break with the scoreboard flashing the scoreless draw.

The second half started with the dominance of Brazil again with Paulinho’s perfect run into the goal zone of the hosts, but his sidefoot kick was saved by Akinfeev’s legs.

Although the Russian goalkeeper was delighting the crowds with fantastic saves Brazil opened the score on the 50th minute with a goal from defender Miranda, who kicked the ball into the net after it bounced off from Akinfeev’s block.

Ten minutes later the score changed to 2-0 in favor of the guests with a confident penalty shot delivered by Coutinho. The penalty shot was ordered after Russia’s Alexander Golovin tugged down Pualinho in the box.

Brazil never intended to give up the heat it gained at the opening of the second half and six minutes later after the penalty shot Willian’s cross assist from the right wing saw Paulinho heading the ball into the Russian net again and increasing the advantage to 3-0 over the hosts.

As the time in the match was running out, both teams made a number of substitutions, but the score remained unchanged until the final whistle.

Over 60,000 tickets were sold for tonight’s friendly game at the Luzhniki Stadium, which is one of 12 stadiums across the country selected as the venue for 2018 FIFA World Cup matches. The stadium in the Russian capital will also host the opening and final games of the championship.

The Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow opened after a major overhaul last November with a friendly match between the national teams of Russia and Argentina (0-1). This match set the country’s new record of attendance with the figure of 78,750 spectators.

The refurbishment of the Luzhniki Arena began in 2013 as part of the country’s preparations to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The stadium is expected to extend its spectator capacity up to 81,000 seats for the global football championship.