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Russia’s ‘neutral’ hockey team to take on Norwegians in Olympic quarterfinal

Norway will face the Olympic Athletes from Russia in the quarterfinal on February 21

PYEONGCHANG /South Korea/, February 20. /TASS/. Norway’s hockey team has sailed past Slovenia’s team 2-1 in overtime in the men's ice hockey qualification playoffs at the Olympic Games in South Korea’s PyeongChang.

Norway’s Tommy Kristiansen (the 44th minute) and Alexander Bonsaksen (64) netted a goal, as did Slovenia’s Jan Urbas (7).

The Norwegian team secured its first victory at the Olympics. Earlier, they had lost all the three group-stage games. The Slovenes outplayed the US and Slovak teams, but lost to the ‘neutral’ Russians.

Norway will now face the Olympic Athletes from Russia in the quarterfinal on February 21, at 10:40 Moscow time. That winner will then meet in the semi-final with the strongest team in the matchup between the Czech Republic and the US. The Russians may face the US hockey players again at the Olympics. They shut out the Americans 4-0 in the group stage of the Olympic hockey tournament.

In other quarterfinals, the Swedes will face off against the winner of Switzerland-Germany match and the Canadians will play the winner of the Finland-South Korea bout. All games will be held on February 21. The Swedish and Finnish teams are seeded in one part of the tournament bracket together with Canada’s team, whereas the Czechs and Americans are seeded with the Russians. So, the Russian ‘neutral’ hockey players won’t have a chance to face the Canadians, Swedes or Finns ahead of the final.

The semi-finals of the Olympic men’s hockey tournament will be held on February 23, the bronze-medal game on February 24 and the final on February 25.