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Russian Anti-Doping Agency endorses foreign specialist for post of ethics officer

WADA concluded that Russia had achieved certain progress in bringing its anti-doping system in line with the global requirements

MOSCOW, October 23. /TASS/. The Supervisory Board of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) has endorsed the candidacy of a foreign specialist for the post of the ethics officer, but his name will be announced later, RUSADA Director General Yury Ganus told TASS on Monday.

On August 3  WADA came up with the second part of its Roadmap, which stipulates a set of requirements necessary for the RUSADA to implement in order to be reinstated in its rights. The Roadmap had been developed and agreed with RUSADA; as well as, the Ministry of Sports, the National Olympic Committee and the Independent Public Anti-Doping Commission.

One of the provisions in the list of the set requirements stipulated an appointment of an ethics officer with the Russian anti-doping body.

"The name of the ethics officer in RUSADA will be announced only after we sign a contract with him" Ganus said in an interview with TASS. "All I can say at the moment that he is a foreign lawyer. We had numerous contenders for this post and this person turned out to be the most deserving candidate."

"The ethics officer will not be working as a staff member of the RUSADA, will not be subordinate to the director general and will be fully independent," Ganus said. "His priority tasks will be to introduce the Ethics Code to the agency and to supervise its further implementation."

"This post [of ethics officer] was established to make the agency more transparent and in compliance with cutting-edge world standards," RUSADA director general stated. "The ethics officer will be supervising the norms of ethics, preventing conflicts of interests within the organization and fight against possible instances of corruption."

Last month experts from World Anti-Doping Agency carried out the planned audit inspection of the RUSADA as well as of the agency’s all affiliated departments. The team of WADA experts conducted the required audit inspection of RUSADA between September 27 and 29 and the relevant report was eventually sent to WADA’s Compliance Review Committee. The final results of the report are expected in mid-November.

On May 18, WADA board of directors convened for a session in Montreal, Canada, to review the progress of Russia’s implementation of the global anti-doping body’s roadmap requirements aimed at reinstating the country’s currently suspended membership in WADA.

The organization concluded that Russia had achieved certain progress in bringing its anti-doping system in line with the global requirements, but added that other criteria still remained to be implemented.

Two years ago the WADA Independent Commission carried out an investigation in regard to the activities of RUSADA, the All-Russia Athletics Federation (ARAF), the Moscow anti-doping laboratory and the Russian Sports Ministry, and announced the results of the probe on November 9, 2015.

The commission accused certain athletes and sports officials of doping abuse and involvement in other activities related to violations of international regulations on performance enhancing substances. The work of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory and RUSADA was eventually suspended.

Starting last year’s January control over anti-doping regulations in Russian sports has been exercised by RUSADA strictly under the supervision of the British anti-doping agency (UKAD).