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IAAF closes window of ‘neutral flag requests’ from Russia for London championship

The 2017 IAAF World Championship will take place on August 4-13

MOSCOW, July 18. /TASS/. The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) announced on Tuesday closing the window for track and fielders wishing to submit applications in order to take part as a neutral athletes in the upcoming 2017 IAAF World Championship in London on August 4-13.

According to Tuesday’s statement from the All-Russia Athletics Federation (ARAF), "The International Association of Athletics Federations sent an official letter to the ARAF notifying it about closing the deadline for applications to be submitted for the status of neutral athletes’ participation at the World Championship in London."

In 2015, the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) Independent Commission carried out an investigation in regard to the activities of the ARAF, the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) and the Russian sports ministry.

The commission accused certain athletes and sports officials of doping abuse and involvement in other activities related to violations of international regulations on performance enhancing substances.

Eventually, the IAAF decided to suspend ARAF’s membership in the global governing body of athletics and put forward a host of criteria, which the Russian ruling body of track and field sports was obliged to implement to restore its membership in the global federation.

In mid-June of 2016, the IAAF Council ruled it was still too early to restore Russian Athletics Federation (ARAF) membership in the international organization subsequently extending the suspension of Russian athletes from all international tournaments, including the 2016 Olympic Games in August.