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Putin rooting for Russian football team

Of course, Russian football fans expect the team to perform in the best way, Putin stressed

MOSCOW, June 15. /TASS/. Russia’s national football team would achieve good results if a player training system develops in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his annual televised question and answer session dubbed The Direct Line.

"Of course, Russian football fans expect our team to perform in the best way," Putin said.

"When I talk to experts, they say that there too many foreign players, while too little attention is paid to the training of the new generation of Russian footballers. However, there some positive trends. I recently visited the city of Krasnodar where Mr. Galitsky has been doing a great job. It is his private project, he has built a stadium, founded a football school where boys play not only football but chess as well," Putin said referring to his May visit to the Krasnodar football club’s academy.

"All big clubs have already set up their systems to train young football experts and young players. If it continues like this, and I believe it will be so, then we will have a good national team that will keep fans happy," the Russian president pointed out.