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Red Bull’s advisor Marko says Kvyat to possibly remain with Toro Rosso next year

Marko said Daniil Kvyat has a lot of self-confidence and is doing well in Toro Rosso

SOCHI, April 28. /TASS, Yevgeny Ionov, Andrey Kartashov/. Russian F1 racer Daniil Kvyat is confidently establishing himself again and last year’s decision to move him from the Red Bull to Scuderia Toro Rosso served him for good, Helmut Marko, an advisor to the Red Bull team, told TASS on Friday.

In an interview with TASS Marko said that home Grand Prix always bring a lot of pressure on drivers.

"Last year Kvyat was under a pressure and I think it was the right decision to make the switch because he has established himself again, he has a lot of self-confidence and now he is doing well in Toro Rosso," he said.

Asked whether Kvyat would remain with Toro Rosso for the next season, Marko said it was "too early" to say because "normally after the summer break we are making our decisions."

"But he is performing well and I think he is doing his best at the moment, so there is no reason why not," to remain with Toro Rosso for the next season, Marko added.

Commenting on whether Kvyat would have another chance of returning back to Red Bull, Marko said "not at the moment because our two current drivers have contracts, which are going above 2018."

Last year at the Chinese Grand Prix, Kvyat made a risky maneuver passing on the inner side Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, who was outraged by this move from the Russian racer and complained to his team over a radio that somebody passed him by like a torpedo.

Two weeks later at the 2016 Sochi GP, Kvyat and Vettel were involved again in another incident as the young Russian rammed twice from the back into the car of Vettel eventually pushing out the four-time world champion of the race.

Following the incident shortly after the start of the race in Sochi last year, Kvyat was demoted by being replaced in his Red Bull team by younger Max Verstappen and took the driver’s seat in Toro Rosso.